• Use of Event Space
  • Use of Pocket Office
  • Use of Co-Working Space
  • Use of Meeting Space to Host your Classes, Events, or Lectures
  • Use of Rehearsal Space for Dancers, Choreographers, Photographers, and Digital Producers
  • Family, Individual and Intergenerational Activities
  • Social, Mental, Financial, and Physical Wellness Activities
  • Access to Community Kidz Clubs

Monthly Membership Prices


Family- $75 

Mental & Occupational Wellness 

  • Membership Access to Private Therapy Spaces for Professionals to Host Sessions
  • Meditation Workshops
  • Yoga for Mental Clarity
  • Membership Access for Wellness Partners
  • Access to Mental Health Resources, Referrals and Groups
  • Access to Networking Opportunities with other Professionals
  • Access to Thought Partners Through Art, Nature, and Small Group Hangouts

Physical Wellness

  • Membership Access to Outdoor Adventures in Hiking, Biking, and Skating
  • Membership Access to Dance & Movement Workshops
  • Membership Access to Yoga and Body Awareness Workshops
  • Membership Access to Workout Bootcamps
  • Membership Access to “Wellness Walk” Hangouts
  • Networking on the Trails and Greenways of the East Bay

Financial Wellness 

  • Financial Wellness Workshops
  • Small Business Incubator Workshops
  • Entrepreneurial Exchanges Between Members
  • Targeted Networking Opportunities
  • Access to the Member Body to Exchange Ideas and Opportunities
  • Financial Literacy Activities for Youth, Families, and Small Businesses

Social Wellness 

  • Social Outings in and Around the East Bay
  • Membership Access to all Major Televised Sporting Championships
  • Membership Access to Selected Pay Per View Showings
  • Membership Access to Newest Streaming Programs for Individuals, Youth, and Families
  • Networking Events and Day Parties
  • Art and Artesian Galleries
  • Food, Beer, and Wine Tastings

Incubator Membership

  • Use of Business Address Instead of a P.O. Box
  • Access to our Messaging Service
  • Membership Workshops to Set up Marketing Campaign for Business
  • Access to our Marketing and Outreach Software and Staff to Manage Messaging
  • Additional $25.00 per Month for Marketing Workshops 


Higher Ground Community Wellness Center & 

Event Spaces